Eat Your Principles was a script written by Ana García Rico a year ago and it's going to be filmed this September 2016 by a very talented and excited group of recent graduates from University of the Arts London. 

Our main idea was to stay together as a team after working so well as a collective during university, whilst also being able to work on the roles we love and having the creative freedom to allow us to make the films we want.

The film will be shot in Ipswich where the cinematographer Sam Travis grew up. The aim of this location is to capture its desolate beauty where our protagonist takes himself to be alone every morning.

Eat your principles it's a film about a war, a war between an isolated man and his conscience. The story has a very existential meaning showing the difficulties of getting integrated in society. Society equals a body of individuals living together as a community, those with whom one has companionship, but not everyone wants to take part of this community or in better words, not everyone is accepted.

This is a non profit film involving as many people as interested during the process of shooting and funding. We are planning to send it the festivals all around the world.